A New Process

I am starting something new tonight, inspired by a student and the book Show Your Work by Auston Kleon.

I believe strongly in the power of collaboration and the almost magical things that can happen when people connect.

In the past year, some of my friends have turned 70 and have received big parties, presents, etc. What I have decided to do is to give something in the months after I turn 70: another recital at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, where I take lessons from Stefanie Jacob. I have had some trouble choosing music for this, but have decided to include two works from last year’s scholarship auditions as well as works I am just beginning this summer. But more of that later.

At the same time I would like to “present” another book–a longer book this time, containing some work from my previous three chapbooks but also some new work as well as older work that I’ve been revising. The issue here (more, again, later) is in what format to share this work.  These days, even if a work is accepted by an independent press, more than likely, it will be “print on demand” or will be printed with the understanding that the author will purchase books which s/he will then resell. I have done this three times and, right now, am not willing to do this again.

Still, I would like to have something physical to “give” people. I’m not sure what format it will take, but I know that I would like to do it.

And so I see this blog as a chronicle of the progress of both these projects–both to be finished about nine months from now. Ha!

Today, apart from these projects, I have started to play with another Flash poem: something I haven’t done for over 10 years. Today, of course, Flash comes in a very different format–one cannot buy the software; one purchases a “subscription” to it. Luckily, I found a used copy of an educational version of Flash 8 and have been patiently trying to work through the many steps of creating a multi-media poem like “Bird Calls” :http://www.cddc.vt.edu/journals/newriver/dale/birdcalls/birdcalls.html

Now it is possible to include video, and I hope to create a poem superimposed on a video I found in the New York Times Science page (which I love) about a newly discovered species of spider. Coincidentally, earlier this evening, a more mundane species walked across my keyboard. Luckily for it I think kindly of spiders (Charlotte’s Web, Changing Woman, etc.)

Well, this is a start. I’ve never had a blog before. If you’re interested, please comment and share your work as well.

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