To Be Heard and Seen: Recital and Book Available Online

Helen Bader Hall; Wisconsin Conservatory of MusicAdam Kirsch writes in last week’s NYT Book Review, “For the truth is that there is something in the act of creation that presses forward into the public realm, whether the artist goes on to seek publicity or not. To write a poem or paint a picture is to translate inner experience into outward form and presence; it is to objectify sensation, and the definition of an object is that it can be passed from hand to hand, its shape fixed for everyone. To want to be an artist without creating such an object is a contradiction in terms. And once the object is created, it wants to be seen. […] Art is a form of communication, and communication cannot be totally autonomous, just as there can be no such thing as a private language.”

And so it is that I have made my recital (most of it) available online here.   You can access the program notes here.

I did not include the Beethoven Sonata op. 109 because I did not think, hearing it, that my playing did it justice.  One thing I have learned through the often-painful process of listening to my recital is that 1) I need to perform more so that I become more comfortable with it and 2) that I need to listen to myself while practicing. For that purpose, I have discovered that my phone has an app for that! And starting in the fall, the Conservatory will hold monthly opportunities for adult students to play for each other.

And, for those of you who have been waiting for the latest, corrected edition of my book of poems, The Beautiful Unnamed, it is available  here.  


I am in the process of choosing new music–Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Chopin–as well as a contemporary and a 17th-century women composers–Rachel Grimes and Anna Bon.  It is such a pleasure to find new music.

So far I have not been writing, but feel the waves building up there too.

I will be back!


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