All Five Recitals Now Online

I have finished uploading parts of all five of my recitals (2006, 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2017) to of this is piano music by 20th and 21st century American women composers: Ruth Crawford (Seeger), Judith Laing Zaimont, Emma Lou Diemer, Margaret Bonds, Ruth Schonthal, Libby Larsen, Beata Moon, Marilyn J. Ziffrin, Rami Levin, Joan Tower, Elizabeth R. Austin, Beata Golec, and Jennifer Higdon. If you look closely, Bach and Rachmaninoff are squeezed in as well! If you go to the actual URL given above, the recitals are in the order of oldest first (2006), with playlists for the various recitals as well as individual tracks for downloading.

I hope you explore and enjoy this great music which is too often unheard–feel free to download and make your own playlists–soundcloud (a great new discovery for me) is free!

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