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Offerings: The Decluttering of a Life

Autobiography by Kathleen A Dale, 2019: "The author, born in mid-twentieth-century Kansas, experiences the overnight death of her much-older, much-adored, only sister from polio, throwing her, at age seven, into the melee of her parents’ anxiety and depression. Having rejected her mother’s fundamentalist religion at age twelve, she has nothing to replace it and no one to talk with about her own grief and terror. Slowly, through the disciplines of journal writing, reading about and discussing the journeys of others, becoming a serious poet and a dedicated amateur pianist, she starts to put together a vision of life (and death) based on the power of creativity, not only in her own life, but in the world and the universe itself. These growing insights she uses through the challenges of three marriages, three children, the apparent indifference to, and then increasing acceptance of, her artistic work. Eventually, in her seventies, she comes to some important realizations about it all."


The Beautiful Unnamed

Poems by Kathleen A Dale 2015


Avatars of Baubo

Poems by Kathleen Dale about the mythical figure of Baubo, part of the Demeter/Persephone myth. 2013


Rescue Mission

Poems by Kathleen Dale, 2011: “Using idiom, stunning phrasing, fresh and engaging imagery, and a wide range of sonic pleasures, these meditative poems explore life’s losses, her own and other peoples.’ They also look to the “something beyond loss”: relationships, words, and songs that help “to heal/to set things right/yet again.” This book is thoughtful and filled with all the pleasures of poetry.’


Ties that Bind

Poems by Kathleen Dale, 2006: “The verbal craft of this book is extraordinary, and her subject matter sensitive and wise, held together by a delicate and often tenuous interweaving of the generations–the ‘ties that bind’ Moving and meticulously written, this is a small book that will leave an impression on the reader that is both large and lasting.”