Client comments:

“Kathleen’s reliable writing expertise and her reassuring coaching manner consistently elicit another poet’s very best work.”

“Kathleen Dale is a gifted poetry coach. In the first session, she identified several key areas of my writing that were holding me back and, in each session since, she has nudged me to ever greater releases. With a combination of intuition, probing, humor and simply a great understanding of poetry, she has guided me to a place in my writing where once I only hoped to reach. I feel that my writing is growing more authentic and my voice more clear every day. And she is a fabulous editor, coaching me to find the perfect words and concepts. Because of her guidance, my process of writing has completely changed. Now I really let loose in the idea phase, knowing that I can fine tune when I edit and my work is so much more satisfying. I never hoped to publish but she showed me simple ways to submit my poetry and I’ve submitted several batches. Submitting actually makes the work better! I did not know. And now I know that and so much more and feel so much more skilled at mining my thoughts, feelings and experiences for poetry. Kathleen brings both grit and joy to the writing process. She is a natural teacher. I feel so fortunate to be working with her.”